Social Help for Sugar: Week 7

A little over seven weeks of the GSoC coding period is gone. Fortunately, I’m mostly done with the work excepting a few things to polish up and then we can work to actually deploy the social help activity . This is a good thing since the autumn semester at my college starts in just four days and I might not be able to dedicate too much time to the project.

Anyway, this week was hectic – I had to get a ton of things in order for the new college year. Nevertheless, I did manage to get some work done.

First, I went through a mini heart attack when the inbuilt database backup thingy didn’t work on my local machine. It was weird, really. Everything had worked before when it just suddenly stopped accepting backups. After several less than successful attempts to get the backups to work, I just gave up on my local machine and decided to try creating a shiny new docker instance and try the backup on it instead. And much to my relief, it did finally work.

Then, I wrote to Paul, explaining everything we’ve accomplished till now. I also asked whether it was high time for a code review. While I waited for the reply, I decided to see if I can update discourse to the latest version. Normally, the admin would use the inbuilt option in discourse to do this but of course, we couldn’t do such a thing since we’re using a custom version of discourse. So, I manually did a fetch-and-merge on my github repository of discourse, created yet another docker instance and installed the latest version on it. It, too, worked flawlessly. Come to think of it, I’m liking docker more and more.

Anyway, Paul replied to me soon after. He wanted us to have a separate button to launch social-help for every activity along with the shortcut thingy. So, I talked on the IRC, got some clues and added the button. It works, now.

That’s all for this week.


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